Depending on the type of show booked, our performers will usually arrive between 1 and 2 hours before the scheduled performance start time. You will be given a time of arrival with your booking confirmation.

FireFlow require a 50% deposit prior to the performance to confirm the booking, as well agreeing to the Customer Agreement and Act Requirements. FireFlow will invoice for the remaining 50% of the payment after the event. FireFlow require the invoices to be paid within 7 days of their receipt.

Please see our Customer Agreement.

Please allow as much time as possible before your event to book us. During certain times of the year we are very busy and may be fully booked so book early to avoid disappointment.  

Prices depend on the show booked. When you enquire about a show we will give you an estimate including travel costs.

Our feature shows are choreographed to music. We can provide sound equipment for up to 200 guests. Our ambient performances (background and meet and greet) are freestyle and are not set to music so that they don't interfere with the music at your event.

Fire Dancers

Safety is our highest priority. All our performers are fully insured and we carry out site risk assessments to ensure the venue is suitable for fire. We make every effort to ensure a safe, enjoyable performance. We have strict fire safety procedures in place and provide full fire safety equipment: fire extinguishers, fire blankets, wet towels and water buckets. We ensure a 3m safety distance between the performance space and audience and bring a fire safety technician when necessary. All our performers are experienced professionals who wear fire safe clothing and check all the props are safe prior to performing with them. We care as much about the safety of you, your guests and your venue as you do. 

Sometimes it is necessary to carry out site visits for fire performances but usually for outdoor performances, photos and/or a description of the performance area is enough. If the event is indoors we will need to know quite a few details about the venue to ensure it is safe to go ahead with fire and are more likely to need to carry out a site visit. We will definitely need photos and a floor plan of the building. 

Fire can be performed in light rain but heavy rain becomes a safety concern as performers cannot see clearly and stages can get slippery. For both performer and audience safety, fire cannot be performed in strong winds.  The performers will do everything reasonable in their power to ensure a performance goes ahead, including agreeing alternative set times to avoid inclement weather.

Please see the Customer Agreement for a full breakdown.

Our fire shows specialise in fire dancing which involves dancing with and manipulating flaming props. We use many different props including from poi, staff, hoop, sword and fans. Props used depends on the show booked. Some shows include fire eating and body burning. Most of our shows don't include fire breathing as standard. If you particularly want a fire breather please let us know.

Yes we can do indoors performances. Use of fire depends on the venue. We will ask for photos and a floor plan and may need to do a site visit to carry out the risk assessment. 

We have shows from 1 to 5 performers. For longer shows, more performers are needed. If you have a specific requirement and would like something out of the ordinary, get in touch as we love tailoring shows to specific events.

We bring all our own equipment and fuel as well as fire safety equipment. For each show we provide a technical rider along with the contract so you can see what we need from you. These requirements are individual to each show. They include things like a dressing room, and sometimes safety barriers.

Shows with more performers will require more space. When you are booking we will let you know how much performance space we need as each show is different. We need a minimum of a 3 metre safety zone between the performance space and the audience. We may also need a backstage area/wings to keep fuel. We will need a barrier around the perimeter to prevent the audience from crossing the 3m safety zone.

Hula Hooping

Booking a hula hoop performer is very straightforward. As long as there is space to perform, we just ask for a private, secure dressing room for use before, between and after sets. 

For a feature performance we need a minimum of 4m height clearance and a stage width of 5m.

For an ambient hoop performance we need a height clearance of 3m and a minimum space of 4x4m if stationed in one location. However the nature of ambient performance is that the hula hooper will move around the event finding the most suitable places to perform in terms of space and audience and will adapt tricks accordingly. 

Hula hooping cannot be performed in the rain as hoops get very slippery and difficult to use. Also costumes can get ruined. However hula hooping can be performed indoors if there is space (see FAQs above) so if it rains at your event an indoor performance could be an alternative option. 

Hula hooping can be performed both indoors (space-permitting) and outdoors (weather-permitting). See other FAQs for more information on these. 

Feature hula hoop performances vary in length between 4 and 6 minutes. The length of each show is shown in the details about it. 

Ambient hula hoop performances consist of 3 sets, each one is 30 minutes long. 

For the ambient hula hoop performances, if there is somewhere you would like the hula hooper to be stationed, or somewhere you would like them move around, please let us know. 

Otherwise the location of our ambient hula hooping sets will be at the discretion of the hula hoop performer. They will move about the event as much or as little as it seems necessary depending on the size of the event, space and number of guests. For a small party setting it might be more appropriate for them to stay in one space, whilst at a large public event they might move around a lot more, to cover more space and entertain more people. 


Circus Workshops

At our circus workshops we have a large variety of equipment to suit all ages, including grown ups! We bring juggling beanbags, juggling scarves, juggling balls and juggling clubs, spinning plates, hula hoops, poi, staffs, flower sticks, diabolo and pedal gos. Sometimes we also bring unicycles and stilts. 

At our hula hoop workshops we bring A LOT of hula hoops! In many sizes, weights (and colours), there is one to suit everyone!

All of our workshop instructors are highly experienced professional circus instructors, many of whom are also performers. They are all skilled in each type of equipment and excellent at passing on their skills and knowledge. They are DBS checked,  love sharing the joy of circus and are friendly, enthusiastic and personable. 

Circus workshops are definitely suitable for children and adults with disabilities or learning difficulties. Circus can be really rewarding and we don't think anyone should have to miss out because of disabilities. We can adapt our workshops to suit all abilities. Just let us know at the time of booking and we will make allowances and adjust the way we teach and what kit we will bring. 

Our priority is always safety. Our DBS checked instructors care that everyone in their workshop is safe as well as having fun and learning. We check over our kit to make sure it is intact and safe, we keep our workshop areas as tidy as possible to prevent trip hazards, and we only allow people to use the equipment as intended. The instructors keep a keen watch over the participants to make sure they are being sensible with the equipment and using it safely.

Although we can run parties in parks or large gardens, due to our not-always-fabulous British weather(!) we do recommend that you hire a hall to host a circus or hula hoop party. It needs to be quite spacious as circus props and hula hoops take up quite a lot of space so the children need to spread out. It helps to have a minimum least 3m ceiling height. A village hall, scout hall or school hall is usually absolutely fine. If in doubt, ask us for advice.

We find circus is most fun and has the most benefit for children over 5 years old. Younger than this and they are often still developing the coordination necessary. We recommend not booking parties and workshops for under 5s. 

Yes, all of our circus instructors have DBS checks.

LED Glow Dancers

Unfortunately we can't use LED props in wet weather because water can get in and damage them. The performers own the LED equipment that they perform with and being that we use state of the art technology, they can be very expensive to replace and their livelihood relies on them. We leave it to the discretion of the performer to decide if they are willing to risk their equipment in the wet. However LEDs are brilliant for indoor performances so if you have indoor space the performer can use then they will happily perform inside. 

LED has the most impact in low or no light. Perfect for indoor, evening shows or outdoors after sunset. Although possible, we don't recommend booking a daylight LED performance. 

Our performers use state of the art LED equipment which produces super bright, stunning visuals. You can't miss it!

Stilt Walkers

For Stilt Walkers, the venue ceilings need to be at least 3m high. This includes the dressing room.

The venue needs to provide a private, secure dressing room for the performers on the same floor/level as the performance location unless there is elevator access.

The dressing room must be accessible to stilt walkers therefore there must have no stairs between the dressing room and performance area, unless there is elevator access.

The dressing room must contain a strong table (not a trestle table) for use of the stilt walkers to sit on to get up onto stilts.

The dressing room must have ceilings at least 3 metres high. (Unless agreed with FireFlow at the time of booking).

The dressing room must be large enough for all the booked stilt walkers to change and wear full costume.

The dressing room must be within a reasonable distance to the performance area.

Stilt walkers can't use flights of stairs but can use elevators. However the occasional step is not a problem.

The performers need a strong table to sit on to get up on to stilts. They put the stilts on as part of putting the costume on, so this needs to be done in the dressing room (it also maintains the magic to keep this out of sight of guests). Please see the above FAQ regarding what the venue needs to provide, for more information on the dressing room details. 

Stilt walkers can indeed go indoors (height permitting) and outdoors however stilt walking can be affected by weather. Please see the weather FAQ for more details.

Weather can affect stilt walking. Shelter will be needed if it is raining (sometimes umbrellas are enough) and strong winds can be dangerous. Stilt walkers may need to perform indoors or inside marquees if the weather is too severe.


The venue needs to provide a private, secure changing space for use before, between and after sets/performances with access to electricity and drinking water.

For feature performances, a 9m ceiling height and 6m stage width is needed. 

For ambient performances a minimum ceiling height of 3m is needed. 

For a feature show (stage show) our juggler would need 9m ceiling height and a minimum of 6m stage width.

A minimum height of 3m is needed for ambient juggling performances. 

Our juggler will perform 3 ambient juggling sets which are each 30 minutes long.

Juggling cannot be performed in the rain as the props get very slippery and difficult to use. Also costumes can get ruined. However juggling can be performed indoors if there is space (see FAQs regarding height and space for ambient sets) so if it rains at your event an indoor performance could be an alternative option. 

LED has the most impact in low or no light. Perfect for indoor, evening shows or outdoors after sunset. Although possible, we don't recommend booking a daylight LED juggling performance.