Theatrical Shows for Themed Events

Have us tell stories with fire! Intriguing and captivating narratives for themes of Love, Halloween, Christmas and Fairy Tale. 

"We have spent countless hours designing and creating shows and costume for themed events. We love performing fire theatre with engaging narratives while whisking our audience away into magical other worlds."

Erin x
Company Director

Erin Cunningham - Director at FireFlow


Are you hosting a masquerade ball, dinner or event? Many of our acts and costumes can be adjusted for masquerade. Just tick the 'Masquerade box' when booking. Masquerade options include:

  • Fire Performances
  • Stilt Walking
  • Walkabout Juggling
  • Walkabout Hula Hooping

Medieval, Castles and Fairy Tale

We all love a good fairy tale. So what could be better than a FIERY fairy tale?! Take a look at these family friendly Theatrical Feature Fire Performances:

  • 'A Dragons' Tale' - 20 minute fiery tale about a brave knight, a terrifying fire breathing dragon and a terrified princess!
  • 'Once Upon A Time' - 20 minute fire show about 2 princes and 2 princesses. Will they all get their 'happily ever afters'?


Whether it's for a wedding or you just want something to warm the heart, we have some romantic, love-filled fire shows for you. Take a look at these Theatrical Fire Performances:

  • 'Amour' - 8 minute solo fire performance about the personal experience of falling in love.
  • 'Allure' - 4.5 minute beautifully romantic fire staff duet.
  • 'Spark' - 15 minute multi prop fire duet about the lovers' journey from sparks to full-on flaming passion.
  • 'A Dragon's Tale'- Sure it involves a knight killing a dragon, but he does rescue and 'get the girl' in the process and yes they all live happily ever after (well, all except the dragon!)


Holding a Halloween or scare event? We love performing weird and wonderful freaky acts. We have a selection of specially designed performances. Take a look at these Theatrical Feature Shows:

  • 'Dead Bride' - solo fire performance about a raging zombie jilted bride, armed with a fire sword!¬†
  • 'The Corpse Bride' - 4 person fire performance based on Tim Burton's film by the same name.
  • 'Harley Quinn' - solo hula hoop stage show featuring 'Little Miss Crazy' and her many hula hoops.


Is there a colour theme at your event? Let us brighten it up even more with a walkabout juggler or hula hooper. We have the following costume colours available but do ask if you don't see your colour here as we can probably create something just for you:

  • White
  • Silver
  • Green


Whether you are holding a Winter event or a Christmas event, we have some white, silver and sparkly costumes that would be just perfect to add to the Wintery ambience:

  • White walkabout juggler.
  • White and sparkly walkabout hula hooper.¬†
  • Silver and sparkly walkabout hula hooper.