Elegant & Charming Stilt Walkers

Welcome and entertain your guests with our beautifully costumed, engaging stilt walkers.

Charming Stilt Walkers

Welcome and entertain your guests with our beautifully costumed, engaging stilt walkers.

Engaging and entertaining, our beautiful Stilt Walkers will walk about your event in full costume towering over even the tallest guest. Kids are mesmerised, adults fascinated. 

Meet & Greet

Make your guest feel extra welcome and intrigued with our friendly, sophisticated and eye catching stilt walkers.

Magical Ambience

The expertly crafted and intricately detailed costumes create a magical ambience at your event.

Photo Opportunities

Your guests will be fascinated by the height and sheer beauty of these costumes and will want lots of photos.

Stilt Walking Performance Options

Stilt Walkers

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Elegant and beautifully costumed stilt walkers. Great for weddings, parties, black tie, corporate, public events and purple themed events.

Masquerade option available.

2 x 45 minute sets

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Five Stars

"Saw them at a rather unconventional wedding recently and greatly enjoyed their performance."

Tim Van Holder

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Stilt Walking FAQs

Stilt Walking FAQs

How much height does the venue need?

For Stilt Walkers, the venue ceilings need to be at least 3m high. This includes the dressing room.

What does the venue need to provide?

The venue needs to provide a private, secure dressing room for the performers on the same floor/level as the performance location unless there is elevator access.

The dressing room must be accessible to stilt walkers therefore there must have no stairs between the dressing room and performance area, unless there is elevator access.

The dressing room must contain a strong table (not a trestle table) for use of the stilt walkers to sit on to get up onto stilts.

The dressing room must have ceilings at least 3 metres high. (Unless agreed with FireFlow at the time of booking).

The dressing room must be large enough for all the booked stilt walkers to change and wear full costume.

The dressing room must be within a reasonable distance to the performance area.

Can Stilt Walkers use stairs?

Stilt walkers can't use flights of stairs but can use elevators. However the occasional step is not a problem.

How do the performers get on the stilts?

The performers need a strong table to sit on to get up on to stilts. They put the stilts on as part of putting the costume on, so this needs to be done in the dressing room (it also maintains the magic to keep this out of sight of guests). Please see the above FAQ regarding what the venue needs to provide, for more information on the dressing room details. 

Can stilt walkers go indoors and outdoors?

Stilt walkers can indeed go indoors (height permitting) and outdoors however stilt walking can be affected by weather. Please see the weather FAQ for more details.

How does weather affect stilt walking?

Weather can affect stilt walking. Shelter will be needed if it is raining (sometimes umbrellas are enough) and strong winds can be dangerous. Stilt walkers may need to perform indoors or inside marquees if the weather is too severe.