Hula Hoop Dancing & Performances

Captivate your guests with our highly skilled hula hoop performer. 

Hula Hoop Dancer

Captivate your guests with our highly skilled hula hoop performer.

A classic circus act that both adults and children love watching. Hula hoop dancing is mesmerising, impressive and really good fun to watch! Our hula hooper will move around your event captivating and enchanting your guests with her impressive skills and bubbly nature. Alternatively she can perform an upbeat, energetic and athletic stage show. Hula hoop performance is an exciting and unusual form of entertainment for parties, weddings and corporate events and you can choose from a variety of costumes to suit your theme. Take a look at the options below and get a quote today.

Select your Hoop Performance type below.

Feature Hoop Performance

Feature performances are high energy, exciting stage shows choreographed to music using multiple hula hoops that match the costume.

High Energy

An energetic, fun and athletic stage performance by our highly skilled hula hooper will impress and astound you.


Perfectly choreographed to music using hula hoops that match the costume, this a show you and your guests will really enjoy.

Looks Spectacular

Beautiful, dramatic and breathtaking hula hooping tricks that you never knew were possible will leave you blown away.

Ambient Hoop Performance

Ambient performances combine freestyle hula hooping with background and walkabout entertainment. Our hula hooper will engage and interact with your guests, amazing them with her tricks whilst moving around your event.

Playful & Fun

Our vivacious hula hooper will captivate and charm as she brings joy and cheer to young and old alike. You will have as much fun watching her as she is having!

Extended Sets

The freestyle sets will be either stationed in one location or moving around your event. An impressive array of tricks will have you mesmerized.

Many Styles

Costumes to suit many events and themes including: Weddings, Halloween, Christmas, Winter, Family Friendly, Corporate, Alice In Wonderland and Colours.

Performance Options

Hooping Performance

Performance Type *

Feature Themes *

She's crazy, unpredictable, flirtatious and petulant. What else could you want in your performer? ūüėČ With her trademark bat, matching outfit and hoops, impressive skills and athleticism and her killer attitude, you won't quite know what hit you. Performing to two well known tracks from the film Suicide Squad, Harley will spin up a stroppy storm on your stage, while hooping her way into your heart ūüėČ <3

Show Length: 6 minutes
Requirements: 4m high ceiling and stage width of 5m

Ambient Themes *

All ambient performances are 30 minutes long x 3 sets, and include 5 hula hoops that match the costumes.

Beautiful and family friendly. Green and white costume with matching green hula hoops. Great for public events, children's events, garden parties, fairy themed, Spring and Summer and green themed events.

Stunning, sophisticated and with an air of magical ballerina. High quality white sparkling costume with silver hula hoops. Great for winter, Christmas, Valentines, corporate and white themed events.

Sparkly, glamorous and showy. Silver dress costume with matching silver hula hoops. Great for cabaret, clubs, corporate, black tie, 1920s and Great Gatsby themed events.

She's crazy, unpredictable, flirtatious and petulant. What else could you want in your performer? ???? With her trademark bat, matching outfit and red and blue hoops, impressive skills and athleticism and her killer attitude, you won't quite know what hit you. Not suitable for children ???? Great for Superhero themed events and comic conventions. Also available as a feature show.

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Five Stars

"Saw them at a rather unconventional wedding recently and greatly enjoyed their performance."

Tim Van Holder


Ready for a Quote?

Five Stars

"Saw FireFlow perform last night and they were spectacular! Even in the sub zero temperatures they didn’t miss a beat!"

David Bull

Hoop Performance FAQs

Hoop Performance FAQs

Booking a hula hoop performer is very straightforward. As long as there is space to perform, we just ask for a private, secure dressing room for use before, between and after sets. 

For a feature performance we need a minimum of 4m height clearance and a stage width of 5m.

For an ambient hoop performance we need a height clearance of 3m and a minimum space of 4x4m if stationed in one location. However the nature of ambient performance is that the hula hooper will move around the event finding the most suitable places to perform in terms of space and audience and will adapt tricks accordingly. 

Hula hooping cannot be performed in the rain as hoops get very slippery and difficult to use. Also costumes can get ruined. However hula hooping can be performed indoors if there is space (see FAQs above) so if it rains at your event an indoor performance could be an alternative option. 

Hula hooping can be performed both indoors (space-permitting) and outdoors (weather-permitting). See other FAQs for more information on these. 

Feature hula hoop performances vary in length between 4 and 6 minutes. The length of each show is shown in the details about it. 

Ambient hula hoop performances consist of 3 sets, each one is 30 minutes long. 

For the ambient hula hoop performances, if there is somewhere you would like the hula hooper to be stationed, or somewhere you would like them move around, please let us know. 

Otherwise the location of our ambient hula hooping sets will be at the discretion of the hula hoop performer. They will move about the event as much or as little as it seems necessary depending on the size of the event, space and number of guests. For a small party setting it might be more appropriate for them to stay in one space, whilst at a large public event they might move around a lot more, to cover more space and entertain more people.