Mind-Blowing Juggling

Our incredible juggling and diabolo performer will totally astonish you.

Mind-Blowing Juggling

Our incredible juggling and diabolo performer will totally astonish you.

If you are looking for a circus act at your event that will be sure to keep all ages entertained, you should hire a juggler. Our exceptionally skilled juggler will move around your event engaging and mesmerising your guests with his mind blowing tricks and delightful charm. With many costume choices to choose from, you will definitely find something that suits your event theme. Alternatively he can perform a high energy, riveting stage show with various juggling props, or his trademark multiple diabolos. All acts come with an LED option. Take a look through the options below and get a quote today.

Select your Juggling Performance type below.

Feature Juggling Performance

Brilliantly choreographed, high impact stage shows with exceptionally high level juggling, performed to upbeat music.

Incredible skill

Unbelievable, top level, multi prop juggling like you have never seen before. Prepare to have your mind blown!

Stage Show

Tightly choreographed to music, a stream of high impact, overwhelmingly impressive tricks will leave your guests astounded.

High Energy

Upbeat, fun and energetic with just the right amount of charisma and charm will have your audience energised and mesmerised.

Ambient Juggling Performance

Interactive walkabout performances for extended periods of time. Friendly, enthusiastic and with an abundance of character, our juggler will move about your event wowing both children and adults with his exceptional skills. 

Crowd Interaction

The combination of exceptionally high level juggling walkabout with audience interaction makes for a truly memorable event.


Personable, enthusiastic and passionate about what he does, your audience will love his fantastic energy and charm.

Many Themes

We have themes to suit many different events including: Weddings, Corporate, Christmas, Valentines, White, Vintage, Country Fairs & Food Festivals.

Performance Options

Juggling Performance

Performance Type *

Feature Themes *

An extremely high level juggling variety act with a clean finish. A display of Club, Hoop, Ball and Diabolo manipulation that will wow any crowd. Great for weddings, Christmas, Valentines, corporate and white themed events.

Show Length: 10 minutes
Requirements: 9m ceiling height and 6m stage width preferred but not essential.

High energy Diabolo juggling act with up to 3 diabolos to an explosive electro-swing song. Can be performed with normal white or LED. A strong act guaranteed to leave the crowd speechless. Great for cabarets, corporate and vintage events.

Show Length: 4 minutes
Requirements: 9m ceiling height and 6m stage width preferred but not essential.

High level Juggling with show-stopping super bright LED props. The props include Diabolo, Balls, Clubs, Isolation Hoops with optional Pixel Staff and Pixel Poi. The Pixel equipment can be programmed to display Names, Logos and personal messages on request. Great for weddings, evening events, corporate, cabarets. For performances at night/in the dark.

Show Length: 10 minutes
Requirements: Changing room with charging points needed.
Stage size: 6m wide by 9m high. Lights need to be dimmed.

Ambient Themes *

All ambient performances are 30 minutes long x 3 sets.

Green and white costume with various green juggling props. Great for family friendly, Spring and Summer events, garden parties, public events and green themed events. Because green is great!

Smart black and white suit with mixed white juggling props. Great for black tie and corporate events. The smart juggler ūüėČ

Vintage costume with mixed white juggling props. Great for corporate, vintage, 1920s themes and steam fairs. Complete with vintage case to keep all the juggles in!

White suit with various white juggling props. Great for winter, Christmas, Valentines, corporate and white themed events. Clean and Classy ūüėČ

Farmer costume with mixed white juggling props. Great for country fairs and food festivals. Will juggle fruit upon request!

Our LED costumed juggler will amaze you with his incredibly high level juggling skills. Using various LED juggling props including clubs, mini hoops and diabolos he will move around your event impressing and entertaining all ages. Great for indoor and outdoor evening events. What a way to light up your night!

Show Length: 3 x 30 minute sets
Requirements: For performances at night/after dark.

Prop Type *

Type of juggling equipment used.

Day time juggling props. Includes balls, clubs, diablos and isolation hoops.

Night time, super bright, top of the range LED (glow) juggling props. For use in the dark.

LED Feature Prop Type

Pixel Poi are ultra-bright digital poi which create sensational, dazzling images in the air. They can be programmed to include your company logo. An excellent addition to a corporate LED performance.

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Juggling Performance FAQs

Juggling Performance FAQs

What does the venue need to provide?

The venue needs to provide a private, secure changing space for use before, between and after sets/performances with access to electricity and drinking water.

For feature performances, a 9m ceiling height and 6m stage width is needed. 

For ambient performances a minimum ceiling height of 3m is needed. 

How much height is needed for a feature juggling performance?

For a feature show (stage show) our juggler would need 9m ceiling height and a minimum of 6m stage width.

How much height is needed for ambient juggling performances?

A minimum height of 3m is needed for ambient juggling performances. 

How long are ambient juggling sets?

Our juggler will perform 3 ambient juggling sets which are each 30 minutes long.

How does weather affect juggling?

Juggling cannot be performed in the rain as the props get very slippery and difficult to use. Also costumes can get ruined. However juggling can be performed indoors if there is space (see FAQs regarding height and space for ambient sets) so if it rains at your event an indoor performance could be an alternative option. 

Can LED juggling be performed in the daylight?

LED has the most impact in low or no light. Perfect for indoor, evening shows or outdoors after sunset. Although possible, we don't recommend booking a daylight LED juggling performance.