Fun Kid's Circus Workshops

Enjoyable, confidence-building circus workshops taught by experienced, professional instructors for parties, public events and schools. Choose between circus and hula hoops.

Fun Kid's Circus Workshops

Enjoyable, confidence-building circus workshops taught by experienced, professional instructors for parties, public events and schools. Choose between circus and hula hoops.

Whether you are looking for kid's party entertainment or are wanting a circus workshop for a public event or school, you are in the right place! We have multi skilled and enthusiastic DBS checked circus instructors who love to pass on their knowledge and share the joy of circus. So if you have been stuck for ideas for your children's birthday party, you need a kid's entertainer for a fete or you are running an activity week at school, we have exactly what you need. We run parties and workshops in either circus or hula hooping and provide all the equipment. Just choose your type of event below and we will send you a quote.

Select your Circus Workshop type below.

Kid's Party Circus Workshop

Sit back and relax as we take care of running the party. Your children will love learning a variety of fun circus skills whilst burning off all that party sugar! Book a Circus Party or a Hula Hoop Party!

More Fun

Taught by experienced, professional circus instructors. Relax and leave the party entertaining to us.

New Skills

Helps develop confidence, spacial awareness and coordination. A wide range of props allows each child to find a type of skill they connect with.

Kid's Show

The children get the chance to show off their new skills and perform some tricks to their friends.

Our circus parties are taught by a friendly, enthusiastic and experienced instructor who is skilled in a variety of circus props which they will bring to the party. 

Our 2 hour long circus parties involve: 

  • 10 minutes greeting the children on arrival with giant bubbles
  • 45 minutes circus demo and workshop
  • 35 minutes lunch/cake/both and free play after food
  • 20 minutes children's circus show
  • 10 minute instructor performance

Equipment: The circus props include hula hoops, spinning plates, staffs, poi, gymnastic ribbons,  juggling balls, juggling scarves, juggling beanbags, juggling clubs, diabolos, flower sticks, and pedal-goes.

Our hula hoop parties are taught by a highly skilled, friendly and fun hula hooper who will bring a range of colourful hoops in different sizes for different ages and abilties.

Our 2 hour long hula hoop parties involve: 

  • 10 minutes greeting the children on arrival with giant bubbles
  • 45 minutes hula hoop demo and workshop
  • 35 minutes lunch/cake/both and free play after food
  • 20 minutes children's hula hoop show
  • 10 minute instructor hula hoop performance

Public Event Circus Workshop

Free to the public, drop-in circus workshops for children and adults. People can come and go as they please and our experienced and highly skilled instructors will be on hand to teach them anything they want to learn. 

Fun Workshops

Circus is fun! That's why we do it ūüôā We love sharing that fun and enabling people to play and learn new skills. People can come and go as they please and learn at their own pace.

Skilled Instructors

Our friendly, highly skilled instructors teach in an encouraging and supportive way, ensuring everyone is learning, having fun, and staying safe.

Lots of Equipment

We bring a variety of fun circus equipment to suit all ages from small children to 'grown-ups'. Circus is not just for kids!

Clubs & Schools Circus Workshop

Being fun, accessible and engaging, circus skills are a great tool for helping children discover the joy of learning, build their confidence, get exercise and form friendships with each other.


Learn New Skills

The workshop format cultivates the joy of learning. The children's confidence will grow as they gain new skills.

Fun and Supportive

A supportive environment encourages the children to participate, engage, have fun and celebrate each others' successes.

Skilled Instructors

Experienced, inspiring and highly skilled instructors will teach, support and encourage learning with any of the circus props.

Why run circus workshops in clubs and schools?

  • Circus is a fun, enjoyable activity that will engage and excite the children.
  • Circus skills teaches children patience, perseverance and how to work for their goals.
  • Circus is a non-competitive physical activity, great for encouraging activity in those who don't enjoy team sports.¬†
  • Circus provides a great platform for children to connect with each other and form friendships.
  • As the children gain a sense of achievement from each small success they are encouraged to want to continue and their self confidence grows.
  • There is such a variety of circus props to choose from that there is guaranteed to be something each child will engage with.
  • We run the workshops in a way that encourages the children to discover the joy of learning.
  • We foster a supportive environment, encouraging the children to celebrate each other's efforts and successes.


  • We provide enthusiastic, encouraging, experienced and highly skilled instructors.
  • We provide equipment to suit all ages and abilities.
  • Session lengths can vary from 30 minutes to an hour (closer to an hour is preferable) in order to fit in with the school timetable.
  • Circus skills are best suited to Year 1 and above as we find reception and nursery age children are too young to have developed the coordination skills.
  • We teach in both primary and secondary schools and will provide the schools with details of where children can get their own circus equipment in order to carry on learning.

Structure for the Day

  • The instructor will happily begin the day with an assembly to demonstrate the equipment which will give more time for learning during the sessions.
  • The instructor will begin each session with a demonstration of all the types of equipment to inspire the children with the potential of what they could learn and achieve, and introduce them to the basics of each prop.
  • Then they will support the children in learning whatever equipment and tricks they choose to learn.
  • We encourage self-guided learning and run the sessions in an open workshop format with the instructor on hand to help the students as they need it. Students are encouraged to work together to help each other learn, and to connect through choreographing short routines.
  • At the end of the sessions the students are invited to perform their new tricks and routines to the class.

Workshop Options

Circus Workshops

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Maximum number of children per session is 30.


We can perform in the morning assembly to introduce the children to the equipment and inspire and excite them for their workshops that day. We also use this time to run through some basic tricks to allow more teaching time during the workshops.

Equipment Type *

Circus workshops include a large variety of circus kit to suit all ages. This includes hula hoops, staffs, poi, juggling balls, scarves and clubs, diabolos, flower sticks, spinning plates and pedal gos.

Hula hoop workshops include many different size, weight (and colour!) hula hoops. We have hoops to suit all ages, abilities and sizes for both children and adults.

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Five Stars

"Erin is an amazing teacher! So patient and kind! It's rare to find someone who gains so much joy from the success of her students. Plus, she managed to get me hula hooping after years of me thinking I just couldn't! Go Erin! xxx"

Danii Sosta

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Circus Workshop FAQs

Circus Workshop FAQs

At our circus workshops we have a large variety of equipment to suit all ages, including grown ups! We bring juggling beanbags, juggling scarves, juggling balls and juggling clubs, spinning plates, hula hoops, poi, staffs, flower sticks, diabolo and pedal gos. Sometimes we also bring unicycles and stilts. 

At our hula hoop workshops we bring A LOT of hula hoops! In many sizes, weights (and colours), there is one to suit everyone!

All of our workshop instructors are highly experienced professional circus instructors, many of whom are also performers. They are all skilled in each type of equipment and excellent at passing on their skills and knowledge. They are DBS checked,  love sharing the joy of circus and are friendly, enthusiastic and personable. 

Circus workshops are definitely suitable for children and adults with disabilities or learning difficulties. Circus can be really rewarding and we don't think anyone should have to miss out because of disabilities. We can adapt our workshops to suit all abilities. Just let us know at the time of booking and we will make allowances and adjust the way we teach and what kit we will bring. 

Our priority is always safety. Our DBS checked instructors care that everyone in their workshop is safe as well as having fun and learning. We check over our kit to make sure it is intact and safe, we keep our workshop areas as tidy as possible to prevent trip hazards, and we only allow people to use the equipment as intended. The instructors keep a keen watch over the participants to make sure they are being sensible with the equipment and using it safely.

Although we can run parties in parks or large gardens, due to our not-always-fabulous British weather(!) we do recommend that you hire a hall to host a circus or hula hoop party. It needs to be quite spacious as circus props and hula hoops take up quite a lot of space so the children need to spread out. It helps to have a minimum least 3m ceiling height. A village hall, scout hall or school hall is usually absolutely fine. If in doubt, ask us for advice.

We find circus is most fun and has the most benefit for children over 5 years old. Younger than this and they are often still developing the coordination necessary. We recommend not booking parties and workshops for under 5s. 

Yes, all of our circus instructors have DBS checks.