Act Requirements

You will find below all of our Act Requirements. It's really important that you read and agree to the ones relating to your booking as we might not be able to go ahead with the booking if some of the things covered are not in place. Thank you so much.


If performances are booked, we will need a private, secure dressing room to accommodate all the performers, with access to a toilet and drinking water. 

We usually need to park at venues and need parking within reasonable distance of the performance area. If we need parking for more than one car we will let you know. If we have to pay for parking we will charge for it on the balance invoice after the event

If feature performances are booked, it is the client's responsibility to ensure no event guests enter the performance area (or safety zone in the event of a fire performance being booked). Performers will cease the show for safety reasons if an audience member enters the performance area. 

Behaviour management of guests is the clients' responsibility. If any FireFlow performers, instructors or crew are subjected to aggressive, abusive or dangerous behaviour and the client does not remove the perpetrator, the performers shall be allowed to terminate their performance without penalty. The client will still be liable for the total fees.

Fire Dancers

For insurance and safety purposes we need a 3m safety zone around the performance area. So we must be 3m away from any buidings and the safety zone must be clear of structures, flammable objects and fabrics. This includes anything overhanging. This is in addition to the actual space needed for the performance. Details of the space needed for each individual fire act will be found in the act description. 

Without this clearance, the performers will not be insured and will be unable to perform and the client will still be liable for the full fee. This boundary needs to be clearly designated. For some events the safety barrier is the client's responsibility. This will be made clear at the time of booking. See 'Safety Barriers'.

Each event is different regarding if safety barriers are necessary. When safety barriers are necessary it is the clients' responsibility to provide them. For public events, events with intoxicated patrons, or where there are unattended children, this is always necessary. A safety barrier is also necessary in the case of there being a stage for the performers to perform on, to prevent audience members from standing at the very edge of the stage or climbing on to the stage.  As described in 'Performance Space & Safety Zone', the safety barrier needs to be a minimum of 3 metres away from the performance area.   For some small, private events a physical barrier may not be necessary and the FireFlow team will bring LED rope to mark out the safety zone. This will be confirmed at the time of booking. 

The client is responsible for providing a safe, level, non-flammable stage area. This includes any necessary staging or flooring. If on arrival the performers deem the stage area or flooring unsafe they will try to find an alternative that suits the client but if this is not possible they will not be able to perform, and the client will be liable for the full fee.

The performance area and safety zone must be empty. No band equipment, decoration, or flammable objects. This includes not having any overhanging decoration/fabric or lighting up to 4 metres above. For indoor shows, or shows under a roof, height clearance will be determined on a case by case basis and height clearance measurements must be provided by the client at the time of booking. 

It is the client’s responsibility to prevent their event guests from entering the fire performance area and safety zone. FireFlow crew members are there as stage hands and for fire safety purposes. It it the client’s responsibility to provide security personnel if necessary, especially at public events and in the event of large, rowdy or intoxicated crowds. FireFlow performers will cease the show for safety reasons if an audience member enters the stage area.

It may be necessary to unload and store props and fuel at the venue before the fire performance in the event that a vehicle cannot be brought on site. In this instance we need a well lit dry area. This needs to be secure and inaccessible to the public.

A secure, outdoor space, inaccessible to the public, is needed to prepare fire equipment and shake off fuel before the show. This will ideally be close and accessible to the backstage storage area.

If FireFlow are providing the sound equipment then FireFlow crew will be responsible for setting up the sound equipment and playing the music. Access to electricity will be required unless the FireFlow manager has confirmed FireFlow will also provide a generator.

If the venue are supplying the sound equipment, we need to know in what format you will need our show music I.E. USB stick or Mp3 player. 

For a fire show to have the most impact, low level lighting or blackout is preferable. Be prepared to turn lights down or off, for the fire performance.

Performers and crew need enough time after arrival to access the dressing room, unload equipment, props and costume, risk-assess the performance area, prepare and set up before the fire show, change into costume and apply make-up. Performers will therefore typically need access to the venue 1.5 -2 hours prior to the agreed performance time. Arrival time depends on the show and will be confirmed with the client at the time of booking 

For all feature shows a ‘walk-through’ is required, where access to the stage/performance area and backstage area by performers and crew will be necessary. Occasionally, a rehearsal complete with sound and possibly fire will be required. This will be determined on a case by case basis by the FireFlow Manager and agreed with the client at the time of booking. If FireFlow does not deem a rehearsal to be necessary, however the client requests one, then this will be charged to the client and needs to be organised well in advance of the show date.

For indoor fire performances the same clauses apply as to outdoor shows, however in addition to these, there are more safety concerns to take in to consideration.

We will need: 

  1. photos of the performance space
  2. Stage dimensions including height clearance. 
  3. We need at least 4 metres height clearance with no breakable or flammable objects overhanging such as lighting or decoration.
  4. Suitable non-flammable, dry stage floor without any dust. 
  5. Floor plan showing emergency exits
  6. Plan showing fire escape routes
  7. Details of any confetti, dust and other flammable residue from past events or previous acts that might be on stage, near the stage or above the stage in rafters or on lighting equipment etc.
  8. To know what acts will be before us and if they are going to be leaving the stage slippery or if it will be needing to be swept.
  9. To know if there are any flammable materials in the venue or on stage
  10. Details of air conditioning units, air flow in the venue, smoke extraction
  11. Details of smoke detectors, heat detectors, isolation procedures for these (to avoid setting them off)
  12. To know if there are and wind machines, smoke machines, fans operating
  13. Secure and safe fuel and prop storage before show and during the show close to the stage
  14. Outside prop preparation area
  15. To know what other acts are following us on the stage
  16. Time before the act to set up our stage
  17. Time after the act to clear down the stage and ensure it is safe for use by the next act
  18. To brief venue staff and other acts using stage and backstage area where props and fuel might be present
  19. Stage security for crowd control and audience behaviour management
  20. Safety barriers around performance area
  21. We may need to do a site visit.

You may need: 

  1. Appropriate licencing/venue permission for naked flames/pyrotechnics.
  2. To turn off air conditioning
  3. To isolate smoke and heat detectors to prevent them being set off
  4. To ensure appropriate ventilation during and after performance
  5. To turn off any fans near stage
  6. To brief venue staff and other acts
  7. To check for dust in the ceiling/roof/rafters that accumulates on wiring/ducting/ lighting/stage equipment. Dust ignites easily.

Hula Hooping

For feature hula hoop shows we need a stage depth of 3m, width of 5m and a height clearance of 4m. 

Music for the show will need to be played through the client's event sound system. Please let us know what format you would like the music in I.E. USB or MP3.

Circus Workshops

For birthday parties we strongly recommend hiring a hall to ensure adverse weather does not affect it. 

We understand that many public events are outdoors so the workshop would also be outdoors. 

We will do our best to continue or find an alternative solution to run the workshop in the event of adverse weather. However if bad weather does force us to cancel the workshop or party the client would still be liable for the full fee. 

Behaviour management of participating children (and adults) is the responsibility of the client.

The client is responsible for the health and safety of the participants, both children and adults. This includes but is not limited to emergency contact details, medical conditions/allergies, any emergency situations and permission for children to participate in the workshop. The client is responsible for ensuring the participants including children are medically fit and able to participate in the workshop.

It is the client's responsibility to ensure permission is sought from parents and guardians for children to participate in the workshop. 

Participating children must be attended by a responsible adult for the duration of the workshop.

We do everything possible to ensure a safe workshop with safe equipment however FireFlow accepts no responsibility for any injury sustained by any participant of the Workshop.

Circus is energetic and it is important the participants do not get dehydrated. It is the clients responsibility to ensure all participants have drinks avaialable, preferably water. 

There are no age limits for circus. However we do find children of age 5 and above get the maximum benefit out of it. Younger than that and they tend to not have developed enough coordination to fully enjoy it. 

LED Glow Dancers

Our feature LED performances need different amounts of stage space and height for different acts. You will find these details on the act descriptions. 

The dressing room needs to have access to electricity for charging the LED equipment. 

LED performances look best in low/no light. Please be prepared to turn your lights down or out. 

Music for the show will need to be played through the client's event sound system. Please let us know what format you would like the music in I.E. USB or MP3.

We suggest adverse weather conditions be taken into consideration when planning outdoor shows. Having an indoor space or undercover area available to be used for the performance would be advisable, should there be rain. The LED equipment used in our performances is owned by the performers and is very high quality and therefor very costly to replace should it get damaged by moisture. It would also affect the performer's livelihood as they would have to cancel subsequent shows. We will do everything we can to go ahead with a performance, should the weather render the performance space a risk to performer or their equipment. This includes finding an undercover location or adjusting set times if possible for either parties. We leave the decision to the discretion of the performer whether they are happy to go ahead with a performance with their equipment in wet weather. However if a performance does not go ahead due to adverse weather conditions, the client is still liable to pay the full balance.

Stilt Walkers

  1. We need a private, secure dressing room for the performers on the same floor as the performance location unless there is elevator access. 
  2. We put the stilts on in the dressing room as they are part of the costume and it also ruins the magic for guests to see this process. So the dressing room must be accessible to stilt walkers and have no stairs between it and the performance area, unless there is elevator access.
  3. The dressing room must contain a strong table (not a trestle table) for use of the stilt walkers to sit on to get up onto stilts.
  4. Dressing room must have ceilings at least 3 metres high. (Unless previously agreed with FireFlow Manager).
  5. Dressing room must be large enough for all the booked stilt walkers to change and wear full costume.
  6. Dressing room must be close to and within a reasonable walking distance to the performance area.

Stilt walkers can't use stairs but we can use elevators. 

The dressing room needs to contain a strong, sturdy table that the stilt walkers can sit on to get up and down on the stilts (not a trestle table).


Juggling takes a lot of height so for feature performances especially, height clearance is important. Our feature juggling shows need a 9m height clearance. Please let us know if this is a concern as we may be able to adapt the show. 

A stage width of 6m is ideal but not essential. 

Music for the show will need to be played through the client's event sound system. Please let us know what format you would like the music in I.E. USB or MP3.